Desktop Repair

Most desktop computer repairs are fairly straightforward. But sometimes you need someone who can go the extra mile. At Computer Warehouse of NC in Greensboro, we’ve come to the rescue repairing older systems at the board level, bringing the system back to life long enough to copy data off old SCSI drives or file servers. We’ve recovered critical business data off older systems and rescued prized & sentimental pictures that could never be replaced.
If buying a new PC simply isn’t in the budget but your old one is dying or just can’t keep up, consider upgrades and repairs to improve performance and extend lifespan. We offer competitive rates, whether it’s your own business machine or a workstation. More memory, a bigger hard drive, sharper graphics, or even replacing bad capacitors on a motherboard after a power surge. We take care of it all.

Blue-screen errors, data loss, hardware failure, viruses & malware, and more. We fix them all.

We fix:

  • Blue-screen errors
  • Data loss (check out our Data Recovery section)
  • Hardware failure
  • Viruses & malware
  • Component-level failures
  • Windows corruption

We can:

  • Diagnose hardware faults
  • Replace problem components
  • Upgrade and tune up your PC
  • Rebuild your PC from the ground up while preserving your old data