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Lenovo ThinkPad: Laptops and Notebooks

Computer Warehouse of NC in Greensboro offers Lenovo Laptop and Notebook Computers. We specialize in sales and service of Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops which are durable, reliable, and rugged. Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops offer all the latest technology to meet your mobile computing needs. The latest Intel and AMD processors, built-in wifi and gigabit ethernet to bring you the best online experience, preloaded productivity with Microsoft Office preinstalled, and many other features all come together in Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops to help you succeed. Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops are designed for use in business, IT administration, school, or any environment demanding performance and reliability.

Ideal for business and great for home use as well, Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops shine where other brands fall short, surpassing military-grade testing for quality and reliability. ThinkPad series Laptops are especially durable, sporting strong-yet-lightweight magnesium alloy rollcage for enhanced torque, impact, and vibration tolerance. Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops are also equipped with keyboards designed to handle spills, with special fluid channels to guide water and other liquids safely out of the laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad Series

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and notebook computers are more than just the usual laptop.  Smaller than a briefcase, they can be effortlessly transported and conveniently used in short-term spaces, in libraries, on airplanes, temporary offices, and at meetings. Lenovo ThinkPads are built, enhanced, and tested for durability, speed and reliability for both the overachiever and the up-and-comer type of user.  They range from thin and light while to heavy duty mobile workstations. These Notebooks offered by Lenovo are available in six different series as described below.

Lenovo T series is by far the most popular ThinkPad and is loved for its performance and portability. Of all the Lenovo notebooks and laptops, this one is the best of the lot.  The T series is considered more classic than stylish.   Known as the gold standard for business notebooks, the ThinkPad T Series offers the highest standard for strength and durability.  T400 and T500 models even meet many of the military specifications test for durability for field computing.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is classic ThinkPad Engineering but with a daring new style. It is an extremely fast and capable notebook perfect for multimedia work and office work. It houses great features including USB 3.0, an excellent spill proof keyboard and oversized, multi-touch touchpad, bright display and compact body with dual-band Wi-Fi. Its battery life is great and what’s more, it can also be used for gaming.

Lenovo X Series is the thinnest and lightest of the series and has the longest battery life. It is perfect for persons who need to be productive while on the go.  With fast performance, it is capable of giving you true mobile freedom.   Lenovo X series models offer ultraportable models with screen sizes as small a 11.6”.  This rugged little laptop can stand up to the toughest working environment of all, students in K-12 or college.

Lenovo L Series is widely used by professionals. It is extremely reliable with business-class performance. It is not only eco-friendly but also very affordable. It is the greenest enterprise ThinkPad of the series.  The Lenovo L series is packed with productivity tools which help even the large enterprises to save time and money.  Noted for consuming 40% less energy that the oleder R Series and emitting 50% less CO2, an LED-backlit mercury-free display helps Lenovo rack up medals from EPEAT and ENERGY STAR.

Lenovo W series is a portable workstation which features an advanced NVIDIA discrete graphics and lightning-fast Intel® Core™2 Duo technology. For a 15.6-inch mobile workstation, it offers great power and is compatible with ISV-certified software. It has a 95% color gamut and an integrated color calibrator.   This Lenovo Series laptop gives you the battery life needed to tackle garaphics-intensive, workstation level task without being tied to a desk.

Lenovo X Series Tablet is a convertible tablet that frees its users to work without constraints. The versatility it offers comes with the power, mobility, and reliability of a ThinkPad laptop. The battery can last for as long as 18 hours in an all-day computing scenario. It is quite light at just 3.7 pounds and can therefore be taken anywhere your work takes you.

ThinkPad series laptops by Lenovo can survive what kills the competition; shaking, dropping, spills, and more. Have you ever had a close call with your laptop computer that made you wish you had purchased a warranty upgrade? ThinkPad series Lenovo laptops give you that option. If it’s still under the original warranty, it can be extended and upgraded. Not only does Computer Warehouse of NC in Greensboro offer Lenovo Laptops, we are also an Authorized Warranty Repair Center. We are certified for warranty repair on any “Think” series Lenovo Laptops. We can also perform non-warranty work on just about any make or model of laptop and specialize in data recovery.

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