DIY Computer Repair

Some of you may want to troubleshoot or fix your computer without professional help. Below is a list of common symptoms. We will be adding information to help in troubleshooting and/or doing your own computer repair.

Desktop Repair

Laptop Repair

  • Hear a grinding or clicking sound
  • Blue screen
  • Will not connect to internet
  • Computer won’t boot up
  • Computer freezes
  • Computer runs slow
  • Video flickers or crosslines appear
  • System doesn’t recognize a device
  • Think I have malware or a virus
  • Black screen
  • Will not power on
  • Cracked screen
  • Keyboard or mouse not responding
  • Something spilled on laptop
  • Power cord will not stay in – not charging
  • Hinge is loose
  • Laptop overheating

Here is a recent video of Troubleshooting a Lenovo Yoga 2 with no display.  Leave us your comments!